Kambam Family

We derive the family name from the village where our ancestors lived under the Kingdom of Sri Krishna Devarayar, who was the emperor of the Vijayanagara Empire and reigned from 1509–1529.

Over a period of time, we migrated to several areas of Tamil Nadu and are now concentrated in Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, etc.

  • The Kambam family members have now further diversified geographically and are now located across the world.
  • The Kambam new generation has also diversified into several industries and businesses
  • Our philanthropic activities cover Education, Charity, Temple construction etc

The Kambam family is anchored by the four brothers: Sivaraman, Moorthy, Balu and Sugavanam. These four brothers have through their efforts enhanced the bonding of the Kambam family and now we are more tightly connected through our common lineage

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Key Dates

These are the key dates in the Kambam Family history


The achievements we are all proud of !

Our Contribution to Society

As a family, we strive to give back more than we take :)

Our Belief

Rooted in our traditional hindu & brahminical practices are insights that we are still trying to understand

Our History - as recorded by individuals

We not only go through our lives but also understand the deeper meaning and their implications on each of us

Our Aim

This is what we as THE KAMBAM FAMILY members strive to achieve and make a difference in Society

Recent Photos

A quick scan through of the recent photos from all over !! Hope it captures the diversity of the family that we are :)