Tactical Solutions for Security Agencies

Tactical Solutions for Security Agencies

Meridian is a pioneer in Intelligence & Security solutions and together with our global partners, we have the capability to provide end to end implementation and support for tactical products & services for Security Forces and Intelligence agencies. Meridian’s tactical solutions portfolio includes:
  • A unique suite of tactical, off-the-air, cellular products and applications for law enforcement, security and intelligence agencies. This suite of tactical solutions delivers an exceptional set of capabilities to address the security and intelligence needs of law enforcement agencies.
  • Specialized Mobile communication Jammers which provide cutting edge capabilities for jamming, blocking, monitoring and tracking cellular communications in security critical environments.
  • A unique, nominal dose transmission x-ray whole body scanner capable of finding weapons, drugs and other contraband concealed on and within the human body. This device produces a near medical quality image, revealing all items a person is carrying, whether ingested, inserted within body cavities or hidden within or under clothing.
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